Micro-MEC 1.8% Glutaraldehyde Monitor Test Strips

Micro-MEC™ 1.8% Glutaraldehyde Monitor Test Strip is a glutaraldehyde concentration monitor for use with Micro-Cide™ 28 High Level Disinfectant. Micro-MEC™ can also be used with other brands of glutaraldehyde solutions. Micro-MEC™ cannot be used to validate the sterilization or disinfection process.

  • Monitors minimum effect concentrations of 1.8%
  • Ensures Micro-Cide 28 HLD is effective and safe for use.
  • Clear visual standards to communicate PASS/FAIL.
  • 2 minute read time.
  • Compatible for use with other brands of glutaraldehyde solutions.

1. If applicable refer to the endoscope reprocessor’s user manual for instructions on how to take a sample of the disinfectant use solution.
2. Dip the strip into the solution for 2 seconds and remove.
3. Remove excess solution by standing test strip upright (on its short edge) on a paper towel. Do not shake or blot the test strip.
4. Start timer.
5. At exactly 120 seconds, compare the test strip color with the visual standards below.
6. If the test strip color corresponds to 'PASS' according to the visual standards, i.e. uniform purple, then the glutaraldehyde level of the solution is above the MEC.
7. The presence of any yellow on the pad (apart from the top 2 mm) indicates that the concentration of glutaraldehyde is below the MEC and the solution should be discarded.

WARNING: Do not use Micro-CideTM 28 HLD Solution beyond the 28 day maximum use life of the solution.

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