Instrument Care

Instrument Care

Choosing a cleaning product for your processing area depends on your needs. Often, time is limited and you’re not able to wash soiled instruments immediately after a procedure. Once cleaned, instruments should be thoroughly rinsed in order to remove any detergent residue. Residue may interfere with sterilization and cause stiff or sticky instruments or discoloration.

  1. Goo Gone Topical & Surface Adhesive Remover
    Goo Gone Topical & Surface Adhesive Remover

    Micro-Scientific™ Goo Gone® Topical and Surface Adhesive Remover removes tape and adhesives completely and safely from instruments, equipment and containers. The unique formula painlessly removes tape and adhesives from skin and is non-irritating.

  2. Cuts-It Gel Instrument Pre-Soak
    Cuts-It Gel Instrument Pre-Soak

    Cuts-It® Gel Instrument Pre-Soak is specially formulated to safely remove blood, fat, tissue and body fluids from surgical instruments and equipment. The gelling agents allow the product to adhere to instruments and soil, while the blue dye makes it easy to ensure uniform coverage.

  3. MicroLube C Instrument Lubricant
    MicroLube C Instrument Lubricant

    MicroLube™ C is specially formulated to be used as a lubricant and rust inhibitor for all types of surgical and dental instruments, including carbon steel. It is compatible with all sterilization methods, and if stored properly, can be reused for 28 days without becoming contaminated.

  4. Opti-Cide 3 Instrument Soak with Rust Inhibitor
    Opti-Cide 3 Instrument Soak with Rust Inhibitor

    Use this product as a disinfectant instrument soak. Opti-Cide3® effectively and quickly loosens and suspends blood and bodily fluids, non-organic and organic soil, and other cellular debris for easy removal. Disinfectant and cleaner for surgical instruments and other similar surfaces.

  5. Cool Soak Stain & Rust Remover
    Cool Soak Stain & Rust Remover

    Cool Soak ™ Stain & Rust Remover is specially formulated to remove rust, water spots and detergent residue from stainless steel and tungsten carbide surgical instruments, automatic washing equipment and autoclaves.