Enzyclean IV Multiple Enzyme Detergent

Enzyclean® IV Multiple Enzyme Detergent is specially formulated for use as a presoak or manual detergent and for use in ultrasonic washers, automatic washing equipment and evacuators. The protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase enzymes in Enzyclean® IV break down organic and inorganic soils, residues, films and deposits and ensure thorough and complete cleaning, leaving instruments moving freely and spot-free.

  • Four Enzymes. Protease enzyme effectively breaks down proteins. Lipase enzyme breaks down fats. Amylase enzyme breaks down carbohydrates. Cellulase enzyme breaks down cellulose. All four enzymes work together to prevent biofilm.
  • Rust Inhibitors. Reduces likelihood of rust, tarnish or corrosion.
  • Rinsing Agents:. Rinses spot & residue-free.
  • Highly Concentrated. Low cost per use.
  • Neutral pH. Product safe and compatible with all metals.
  • Low Sudsing. Compatible with most equipment & pump systems.
  • Lubricating. Leaves instruments moving freely and prolongs life of instruments.


  • Pre soak
  • Manual 
  • Ultrasonic
  • Evacuators
  • Automatic Washer  
  • Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor


  • Form: Liquid 
  • Color: Blue
  • Odor: Fresh
  • pH Concentration: 8.7


  • Usage: 60°-140° F (16°-60° C)
  • Storage: Cool, dry area

Wear appropriate personal protective equipment based on safe work practices.

Add 1/8 fl. oz. (3.7 mL) to 2 fl. oz. (59 mL) per gallon (3.8 L) of warm water. Allow to soak for 2-3 minutes or longer. Discard solution after each use.

Add 1/8 fl. oz. (3.7 mL) to 2 fl. oz. (59 mL) per gallon (3.8 L) of water. Recommended temperature range: 90°-140° F (32°-60° C).

Add 1/8 fl. oz. (3.7 mL) to 2 fl. oz. (59 mL) per gallon (3.8 L) of water. Suggested maintenance twice weekly.

Dilutions vary depending on temperature, water quality and equipment. Validated cleaning is recommended

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