Introducing…Micro-MEC™ 1.8% Glutaraldehyde Monitor Strips


We are pleased to announce Micro-Scientific® now offers a full package for all your high level disinfecting needs.  We now offer Micro-MEC™ 1.8% Glutaraldehyde Monitor Strips to monitor the minimum effective concentrations of our reusable glutaraldehyde solution to assure it is safe and effective for use.  Our new strips will replace the 3M Comply™ Cold SteriLog™ Glutaraldehyde Monitors 3989, 2.1% MEC that were discontinued by the manufacturer.  Our Micro-MEC™ 1.8% Glutaraldehyde Monitor Strips are for use with our 3% glutaraldehyde high level disinfectant, Micro-Cide™ 28 HLD, and all other brands using the identical formula.


Micro-Cide™ 28 HLD 3% Glutaraldehyde Reusable Sterilizing and High Level Disinfecting Solution offers high level disinfection of instruments in 25 minutes.  That’s nearly 2x to 3x faster than the leading glutaraldehyde brands in the market!  Once activated, our solution can be used for 28 days providing the directions for use are followed.  Micro-Cide™ 28 HLD has a moderate pH level compatible with heat sensitive scopes.