Medical & Surgical

Medical & Surgical

The world is dominated by microorganisms. They are present on skin, on surfaces, in food and in the air. They are truly everywhere.

Microorganisms’ ability to produce infection depends on a number of factors, including their pathogenicity, virulence, numbers present and ability to gain entrance into a susceptible host.

Because microorganisms are invisible and frequently found in bodily fluids and on surfaces in all healthcare facilities,  the Universal Precautions Doctrine states that all surfaces and especially patient care equipment surfaces, must always be considered contaminated with blood and other soils whether visible or not, and treated as such.

Patients, visitors and staff members (and their families) are exposed on a daily basis to pathogens and special precautions are important to prevent cross contamination.

The selection of a process to decontaminate environmental surfaces, equipment and instruments can be complex, which is why we offer a wide range of products that aid in reducing cross-contamination in healthcare facilities.