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Facing the Upcoming Crisis Now: All Hands On Deck!

Selecting the Right Disinfectant When It’s Needed Most


About two million patients acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI) in the United States (US) each year. Approximately 90,000 of these patients will die (Stone). It has been estimated that as much as 70% of HAIs are preventable, and thus should not occur (Pronovost). Most healthcare
facilities have been increasing efforts to reduce HAIs over the last two to three decades, but we are not even close to where we need to be.

Significant amounts of time and money have been funneled into HAI reduction efforts by healthcare facilities and government agencies. With the direct cost of HAIs to US hospitals estimated to be between $28 billion and $45 billion a year, it is also worth the effort and cost of successfully implemented enhanced preventative measures (Stone). More importantly we are trying to save the lives of someone’s parent, spouse, child, friend, or colleague, and prevent the long term suffering and reduced quality of life endured by a large percentage of HAI survivors. It is worth the personal daily effort it takes for HAI prevention perfection…