Dental / Oral Healthcare

Dental / Oral Healthcare

Dental operatories present an enhanced chance for the transmission of microorganisms (i.e., cross-contamination) due to the nature of the many procedures performed.  The mouth contains an abundance of germs; there are more germs present in the human mouth than there are people on Earth.

During dental procedures, saliva, often containing blood, is aerosolized and spread into the environment landing on virtually every accessible surface.

Following the health care industry recommended Universal Precautions Doctrine and the Blood-Borne Pathogen Standard, dental practitioners generally follow very strict infection prevention procedures.

Protective equipment such as gloves and masks, and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting of environmental and equipment surfaces between each patient is the foundation of these standards.

In addition, appropriate decontamination, terminal cleaning, packaging and sterilization of instruments are paramount.

The selection of processes required to meet these standards can be complex. Micro-Scientific® supplies products and systems to dramatically reduce the chances for cross-contamination in dental facilities.