Opti-Kleen™ Blade System

Micro-Scientific Opti-Kleen Blade Cleaning System


Blade Cleaning System


An efficient and safe method for cleaning tissue and other debris from the surfaces of scalpel blades prior to sterilization. Utilizing a proprietary soft, foamlike material, impregnated with OptiKleen instrument cleaning detergent that loosens proteins and other deposits, along with USP grade filtered rinse water, blades can be safely cleaned without scratching, dulling, chipping or breaking.

How It Works:

Insert the soiled blade into the soft scrubbing pad. Work the blade in a cutting-like fashion and allow the gentle scrubbing to clean and remove debris off of the blade surface and deposit it into the pad. Simply repeat in the two separate rinsing compartments and you’re finished.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Simply clean, rinse and rinse again….

Ordering Information

Product Order#Packed
12 individual disposable trays per dispenser box OKD-001 2 boxes / case
Holding tray (Cradle) with cover OKHT-001 each

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