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Come see the new Micro-Scientific infection control products at the Texas Ambulatory Surgery Center Society 2018 Infection Control Seminar on Thursday, September 20th

Introducing…Micro-MEC™ 1.8% Glutaraldehyde Monitor Strips   We are pleased to announce Micro-Scientific® now offers a full package for all your high level disinfecting needs.  We now offer Micro-MEC™ 1.8% Glutaraldehyde Monitor Strips to monitor the minimum effective concentrations of our reusable glutaraldehyde solution to assure it is safe and effective for use.  Our new strips […]

Introducing…the best all day/every day surface disinfectant for your healthcare needs To Our Micro-Scientific® Customers: We are launching our newest surface disinfectant – Opti-Cide® MAX!  Opti-Cide MAX is the next evolution in Micro-Scientific’s surface disinfectant offering.  Opti-Cide MAX is the best alternative for an everyday, multiple-use surface disinfectant.  It is fast, broad spectrum, compatible with […]

Micro-Scientific participated in the EcoVadis CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) evaluation program.  We were awarded a silver recognition for performing among the top 30% of evaluated companies. The term CSR refers to Sustainable Development issues applied to business. CSR is an organization’s responsibility for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, […]